About us

Established in 1987 SofTeam acts on the market with two divisions, SofTeam Distribution and SofTeam Solution Development. SofTeam Distribution concentrates its efforts on distribution of Consumer Electronics products, primarily in areas such as digital graphics and digital imaging management. SofTeam Solution Development has achieved leadership developing graphic applications for the sign-making, screen-printing and embroidery industry, besides distribution of products for Information Graphic Technology, a choice performed in order to provide professional solutions and services to the market. A tangible method of evaluation, in our 20 year history, are the results achieved from SofTeam in terms of market penetration and business growth, obtained opening, discovering and sometimes creating new markets and opportunities. SofTeam has been the first company to mass-distribute CD-Recorder, CD-Media, Digital Camera and in these days Flash Memory and Portable Hard Drive. In this short period of time SofTeam marks a constant and continuous growth also in terms of customer acquisition. Talking about solution development, SofTeam has created MacSign, software dedicated to sign-making and screen-printing, and Punto for the embroidery industry, both are still the unique software worldwide in these markets available cross-platform (Windows and MacOS). As distributor of professional solutions SofTeam distinguishes itself for the complete portfolio of wide format printers, sign-making cutting equipment and outstanding range of supplies.

Our partners

We are an ideal business partner, because we plan sale activities customized for each channel, we cope needs for individual dealer to the leading retail organizations (GD/GDO), from mail order to web sales companies. To obtain successful results it's important to us to have a clear price control policy, which must satisfy and award the dealer without altering existing market strategies, maintaining a truthful competition between sale channels. This is achieved thank to a cautious division of promotional costs, advertising and merchandising, besides continuous monitoring of the market.

Specialization area

Thank to our skill and knowledge in digital graphics and digital imaging management, we have developed sales channel and activities in these area becoming a national landmark.

Here below our specialization area:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Flash Memory Card
  • Microdrive
  • ODG technology Hard Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Videocamera
  • CD-Recorder CD-R, CD-RW
  • DVD Recorder DVD-RAM
  • CD e DVD supplies (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM)
  • Large Format inkjet media and supplies
  • Small and Large Format Digital printers
  • Sign-making cutting equipment

Work with us

SofTeam's secret? Our will to cooperate with our partners in order to develop products that meet market needs and expectations. This is the reason why many market leader brands rely on SofTeam for the distribution of their products in Italy.

Some of brands we distribute:

  • HannSpree
  • Sandisk
  • LiquidImage
  • HDI
  • Kodak
  • Media-Express
  • playHD
  • Canon
  • Mutoh
  • Summa
  • AnaJet